logoEvery Aroma Caterers and Cookery Classes offer catering service to parties and also conduct classes for foodies who love to cook and feed their loved ones.
Every AromCaterers provide delicious and yummy food to any and everyone who enjoys eating.We provide various cuisines such as Indian (South Indian, Punjabi and Mughlai, etc), Italian,Mexican and Thai- from lovely tikka’s , curries, Briyani and various rotis. We cater to parties of all kinds for a minimum of 10 people to maximum of 50-60 people.I also conduct Cookery Classes for all those who love to learn more and different dishes to feed themselves and their loved ones. I teach SouthIndian, Hyderabadi, Mughlai and Punjabi, Italian, Mexican, Asian, Cookies, Cakes, Tarts and Muffins.

   We’ve just introduced New and Exciting Courses such as..

  • EveryDay Easy (Why not have something nice everyday)
  • Workday Winnner (Surprise guests after hectic day…No Problem)
  • ccccGet up and Go (Start the day on a yummy note)
  • Against the Clock (No time,No Problem)
  • Instant Clamer (Comfort Food for the soul)
  • Razzel Dazzel (Lets Party!!)
  • On the Run (Food on the go..picnics,snacks,etc.)
General Information

For Catering, orders need to be placed 1 week in advance.
For Cooking Classes, I conduct Group and Personal Classes. They are conducted on weekdays 2pm-5pm and weekends if need be.

Location: Santacruz (E), Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
                       Phone number:  098 19 875010
Check out our various Categorieswe have recipes and items ranging from soups and starters to main course and desserts.
Also check our Courses here.

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